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Video Creation and Optimization
We will create appealing 45-90 second commercials with images, animations, text and music. Optimize them to appear on top Google results and compel the viewers to go for your product.
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Video marketing is becoming a really important feature and asset for any business. Plus, if you want to use the internet to your advantage, you need Google on your side and putting it plainly, Google loves videos.

People prefer to see videos about a product rather than reading a 2 page web article. As we all know Videos are more interactive and hence they make a much bigger impact as compared to Articles.

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"Is Video Marketing Just a Fad?"

    Take a look at a fraction of the undeniable evidence supporting why video is NOT A FAD but rather a trend worth your attention.

    According to Economic Times (March 10 2011) NASDAQ reported that 72 percent of 30.2 million online population of India
        watch videos on the Internet in January 2011. ”

    According to Busines Standard from january 2011 to December 2011 there is 20 percent increase in the unique viewers
        in India.

    eMarketer estimates online video ad spending will reach $4.6 billion in 2013, up from $587 million in 2008.

    The Nielsen Company reported 2009 saw a massive increase in online video consumption compared with 2008.

    ZenithOptimedia reports that in 2013 Internet Marketing may eventually upset television advertising altogether, as more
         and more broadcast content moves to the computer screen rather than the television.

"What Makes Video Marketing So Powerful?"

Video Marketing involves the appendage of a marketing message to an engaging related video in an effort to promote a product or service.

The reasons why video marketing is so powerful include..

Organic Placement

Video marketing will get you ‘organic’ ranking, this will put your video in the search results most trusted by viewers, thereby giving you 10 times more clicks than a paid advertisement. Also, Ad blockers will not block your videos anymore.

It engages the viewer

Video Marketing engages a viewer like no other marketing medium. While showcasing a video you have the complete attention of the viewer and hold of his senses.

It has viral properties

If the video is entertaining the viewer will share the video with their friends, who will share it again until it grows virally.So you can have your video being watched by millions of potential customers at no cost to you.

Search Engine Domination

Google will often place relevant video at the top of its search engine results. A well prepared video will leap frog your competitors into the top spot on the search engines.

Increased Brand Awareness

If the video has been executed and optimized efficiently, it can give even a small brand a global brand recognition giving them a fair opportunity to compete with the whales in the field.

All of these benefits combine to ensure you are able to generate good leads and your website is recieving quality traffic.
Quality traffic is the fastest way to generate the maximum amount of sales in the least amount of time.

"Google LOVES Video..."